Moving towards a cleaner future.

Book your emission free ride in Berlin today, with a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai via Uber’s “Comfort Electric” option.

Book your emission free ride in Berlin today, with a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai via Uber’s “Comfort Electric” option.

With H2 Moves Berlin you can get from A to B with emission free fuel cell vehicles.

It’s clean, safe, and easily accessible in Berlin today.

So, enjoy the Toyota Mirai’s comfortable ride and be part of the zero-emission movement in Berlin. Let’s move together towards a cleaner future.

Hydrogen consumption Toyota Mirai, electric motor 134kW ( 174 PS ) combined; 0.89kg/100km, CO2 emissions 0 g/km. Values according to WLTP test procedure

H2 Moves Berlin is a two-year pilot project by Toyota Germany, Anglo American and the SafeDriver Group with ENNOO. Through this initiative, the project partners aim to help sustainable hydrogen transport achieve the breakthrough in Germany that our future needs.

Germany’s largest hydrogen fleet can now be booked for your everyday rides in Berlin.

Our comfortable and long-range hydrogen-powered electric vehicles will demonstrate the enormous potential of emission-free transport solutions and their suitability for everyday use.

"Passengers are already enthusiastic about the sustainable and comfortable mobility experience of hydrogen, while our drivers appreciate the combination of the driving performance of an electric car with the range and refuelling speed of a combustion engine. Such an offer for commercial passenger transport is unique in Germany."
Thomas Mohnke
Managing Director of the SafeDriver Group
"Hydrogen fuel cells are a key technology for emissions-free electric vehicles, which we need to drive the decarbonisation of transport. As a leading producer of fuel cell-enabling platinum - and other metals and minerals critical for the transition to a low carbon economy - we are committed to supporting the adoption of hydrogen-fuelled mobility solutions across the entire industry, and making a concrete contribution to the emerging hydrogen transport ecosystem."
Benny Oeyen
Executive Head of Market Development, Platinum Group Metals, at Anglo American
"H2 Moves Berlin opens a new chapter for emission-free mobility with hydrogen. With this pilot project, we are not only expanding the range of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles in Berlin, but also demonstrating how suitable and efficient models like Toyota Mirai are for everyday use, especially in commercial passenger transportation."
André Schmidt
President of Toyota Germany


H2 Moves Berlin fleet covers more than one million kilometers

H2 Moves Berlin reaches the next milestone: in over 100,000 trips, Germany’s largest hydrogen fleet in commercial passenger transportation has already driven more than one million kilometers. The pilot project by Toyota Germany, Anglo American and the SafeDriver Group with mobility service provider ENNOO aims to prove the everyday suitability of hydrogen-powered vehicles – and thus promote acceptance of the drive technology.

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Hydrogen vehicles for green cities – tomorrow’s mobility today

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are an important technology with a lot to offer, and not just in the heavy-duty vehicle sector. The rapid refuelling and long range of FCEVs make them strong solutions for green cities, especially in the context of efficient fleet management for passenger vehicles. One example already demonstrating the benefits of hydrogen in cities is H2 Moves Berlin, Germany’s largest fleet of hydrogen passenger vehicles.

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The price for Comfort Electric is displayed before the booking and reflects a quote based on journey distance and car availability. It does not change even if the journey takes longer or there is a traffic jam.

We have already launched 50 Mirais in Berlin and are aiming to have all 200 deployed of our fleet in the next six months.

Yes, anyone can order a Mirai. If you are interested please reach out to a local dealer or visit Toyota’s website.

Hydrogen consumption Toyota Mirai, electric motor 134kW ( 174 PS ) combined; 0.89kg/100km, CO2 emissions 0 g/km. Values according to WLTP test procedure

Hydrogen cars, like the Toyota Mirai, are powered by electric motors. The electricity required is produced from hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell while driving. All that is needed is a small, lightweight battery as a buffer storage. This eliminates long charging times, and hydrogen refuelling takes only a few minutes.

Hydrogen cars are a C02-neutral mobility option with a long drive range (up to 650km) and fast refuelling times (~3 minutes) with zero emissions other than water.

You fill up with hydrogen the same way you fill up with petrol or diesel. Open the tank cover, affix the nozzle, and you can start filling. The only notable difference is in the physical state, as hydrogen (H2) is gaseous, not liquid. Thanks to the high compression of the hydrogen, an average refuelling process takes only about 3 minutes.

We are sourcing our project’s hydrogen from H2 MOBILITY Deutschland, who have four fuelling stations in Berlin, including the latest station at Tempelhofer Weg.

A proportion of our project’s hydrogen is from renewable sources, for instance much of that from H2 MOBILITY’s Tempelhofer Weg station, where the hydrogen offered is 50 % TÜV certified green.

Government policy and private investment continues to grow the supply of green hydrogen to fit increasing demand, and we aspire to a future where more – if not all – of our hydrogen supply is green. 

Hydrogen cars are not dangerous. After years of using it in transport, no hydrogen-specific risks have been identified. On the contrary, hydrogen has some advantages compared to conventional fuels: primarily because it is 14 times lighter than air. Unlike conventional fuels, no immediate fire load forms under the vehicle in the event of a leak, for example, because the hydrogen rises steeply and dissipates very quickly in the ambient air. In addition, all hydrogen-carrying components in the Toyota Mirai are located outside the passenger compartment. Furthermore, the Mirai’s sensors detect escaping hydrogen and close the safety valves if necessary.

H2 Moves Berlin is currently planned to last for around two years.

Berlin is a global, high-profile city with good existing hydrogen refuelling infrastructure (and with more being developed every year!). We are currently evaluating opportunities for similar projects in other cities.

Anglo American are one of the world’s largest producers of platinum, one of the vital ingredients for hydrogen fuel cells. They are a longstanding supporter of hydrogen initiatives, for instance launching the world’s largest hydrogen-fuelled mining truck (510t laden weight!) in May 2022.


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