Germany’s largest hydrogen fleet now serving the capital city

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Two-year pilot project currently running in Berlin

  • Initiative demonstrates suitability of hydrogen electric vehicles for everyday use
  • Project drives acceptance of sustainable mobility option 

Berlin, The joint pilot project H2 Moves Berlin by Toyota Germany, Anglo American and the SafeDriver Group with ENNOO demonstrates the everyday suitability of hydrogen electric vehicles in Berlin. With the largest hydrogen fleet in commercial passenger transport in Germany, H2 Moves Berlin aims to offer a sustainable and emission-free mobility option and create broad acceptance for the alternative drive technology. 50 Toyota Mirai (Fuel consumption according to WLPT: hydrogen combined 0.9-0.8 kg/100 km; electricity consumption combined 0 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined according to WLTP 0 g/km) are already on the roads of Berlin, and the fleet will be expanded to up to 200 vehicles in the coming months.

Long range, short refueling times: Hydrogen vehicles have a special advantage when it comes to passenger transport. The Toyota Mirai can travel up to 650 kilometres on a single tank, making it suitable for long distances and continuous use. The H2 Moves Berlin vehicles are refuelled quickly, safely and easily at hydrogen filling stations operated by the Berlin-based company H2 Mobility Deutschland.

“Our passengers are already enthusiastic about the sustainable and comfortable mobility experience with hydrogen,” says Thomas Mohnke, Managing Director of the SafeDriver Group. “The drivers appreciate the combination of the driving performance of an electric car with the range and refuelling speed of a combustion engine. Such an offer for commercial passenger transport is unique in Germany.”

“H2 Moves Berlin opens a new chapter for emission-free mobility with hydrogen,” adds André Schmidt, President of Toyota Germany.  “With this pilot project, we are not only expanding the range of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles in Berlin, but also demonstrating how suitable and efficient models like Toyota Mirai are for everyday use, especially in commercial passenger transportation.”

“Fuel cells are a key technology for emissions-free electric vehicles, which we need to drive the decarbonisation of transport”, says Benny Oeyen, Executive Head of Market Development, Platinum Group Metals, at Anglo American. “As a leading producer of fuel cell-enabling platinum, we are committed to supporting the adoption of hydrogen-fuelled mobility solutions across the entire industry. In doing so, we are making a concrete contribution to the emerging ecosystem of hydrogen transport.”

The Toyota Mirais are bookable via the Uber app and can be specially ordered with the option “Comfort Electric – Premium Hydrogen / Electric Vehicles”. More information about H2 Moves Berlin is available on the website

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About H2 Moves Berlin       

H2 Moves Berlin is a two-year pilot project by Toyota Germany, Anglo American as well as the SafeDriver Group with ENNOO. With this initiative, the partners want to jointly help sustainable hydrogen mobility achieve a breakthrough in Germany. To this end, Germany’s largest hydrogen fleet – up to 200 Toyota Mirais – is now on the streets of Berlin. The cars can be booked via the Uber app. The broad access to the comfortable, high-range hydrogen-powered electric vehicles is intended to demonstrate the enormous potential of emission-free mobility solutions and its suitability for everyday use.   

Toyota is currently completing the transformation from car manufacturer to mobility service provider. “Mobility for all” is our ultimate corporate goal, guiding all activities and getting everyone moving. More information on Toyota Germany can be found at: Anglo American is a leading global mining company whose products are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life, and whose platinum group metals are the critical enablers of fuel cell technology. More information on Anglo American can be found at: The SafeDriver Group bundles high-quality mobility solutions for passenger transport in the event logistics, B2B and urban mobility sectors. More information on the SafeDriver Group can be found at: Ennoo is a pan-European provider of passenger transport services as well as logistics solutions from micro-mobility to the CEP industry. More information on ENNOO can be found at: