H2 Moves Berlin fleet covers more than one million kilometers

H2 Moves Berlin reaches the next milestone: in over 100,000 trips, Germany’s largest hydrogen fleet in commercial passenger transportation has already driven more than one million kilometers. The pilot project by Toyota Germany, Anglo American and the SafeDriver Group with mobility service provider ENNOO aims to prove the everyday suitability of hydrogen-powered vehicles – and thus promote acceptance of the drive technology.

Since the end of 2022, a fleet of currently 115 Toyota Mirai (fuel consumption according to WLTP: hydrogen combined 0.9-0.8 kg/100 km; electricity consumption combined 0 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined according to WLTP: 0 g/km) has been driving through the German capital for this purpose. Up to 200 fuel cell vehicles will be offered as a sustainable and emission-free mobility option through the Uber app in the coming months.

The vehicles’ fuel cell converts hydrogen into electrical energy that powers a 130 kW/182 hp electric motor. Despite their CO2- and pollution-free propulsion, the vehicles combine long ranges with short refueling times: The Mirai has a range of up to 650 kilometers before a refueling stop at a hydrogen filling station is required. At around five minutes, the refueling time is not significantly longer than that of vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Benny Oeyen, Executive Head of Market Development, Anglo American: “Hydrogen fuel cells are a critical technology for zero emission electric vehicles and will play an important role in the solutions mix needed to effectively and rapidly drive the decarbonisation of transport. We believe that FCEVs are particularly well suited to vehicle fleets, such as taxis and buses, as well as to heavy duty trucks that require the range and rapid refuelling times without the weight of batteries. At the same time, they offer relief on pressured battery minerals supply chains and hence contribute to the stability and sustainability of supply. As a leading producer of fuel cell-enabling platinum, we have been an early supporter of the potential for a hydrogen economy and will continue to actively support the emerging ecosystem of hydrogen transport in Germany, and beyond.”

André Schmidt, President of Toyota Deutschland GmbH: “H2 Moves Berlin proves that alternative drivetrains and everyday use go hand in hand. In more than 100,000 trips across the capital, the Mirai have easily covered more than a million kilometres. This milestone underlines the reliability of hydrogen-powered vehicles I am delighted that Toyota is able to contribute to this flagship project.”

Thomas Mohnke, Managing Director of the SafeDriver Group: “The last six months have shown that our passengers are very enthusiastic about the sustainability and comfort that hydrogen electric cars can provide. Our drivers meanwhile appreciate the driving performance of an electric car with the range and refuelling speed of a combustion engine. As a fleet operator looking to minimise cars’ downtime while delivering zero emission mobility, hydrogen electric vehicles simply make sense.”

The Toyota Mirais are bookable via the Uber app and can be specially ordered with the option “Comfort Electric – Premium Hydrogen / Electric Vehicles”.