From London to Berlin powered by hydrogen

In a European road trip from London to Berlin with a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, Anglo
American showcased the capabilities of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) while uniting the vehicle
with Germany’s largest hydrogen taxi fleet “H2 Moves Berlin”.

Ben Clark and Stephen Bolleurs from Anglo American’s Market Development team began their 1,150-
kilometre journey from their offices in London, passed through five countries, venturing first over the
English Channel from Dover to Dunkirk, then east through Belgium (passing though Bruges and
Antwerp), and finally crossing into Germany.

The trip demonstrated the availability of hydrogen refueling infrastructure and the benefits of FCEVs,
especially for fleet operators whose vehicles cover long distances, or in use cases where vehicle
downtime must be minimized: it took them just 5 minutes to refuel the Mirai for a range of over 650

The FCEV that Ben and Stephen travelled in is now part of the H2 Moves Berlin fleet. In this project,
Anglo American, Toyota Germany and SafeDriver Group-ENNOO are proving the everyday suitability
of FCEVs as a solution for passenger vehicle fleets in green cities. As of January 2024, the vehicles had
covered over 3 million kilometers in more than 250,000 trips. The hydrogen vehicles can be chosen
on the Uber app with the option “Comfort Electric – Premium Hydrogen / Electric Vehicles”.